Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Little Update

I never really posted about how I felt after my surgery so here I am saying I am feeling pretty good! I was sore from all the manipulation but overall OK. Thank you to everyone who commented and wanted to know how I was doing. I had an appointment with my breast surgeon Monday (not the plastic surgeon) for a follow up. She was VERY impressed with my reconstruction and asked if I would show her nurse (who also had breast cancer a few years ago). I didnt mind at all. So overall every Dr that I have seen is very impressed with the job my plastic surgeon did. Thats why I love him so much. He gave me something back that no one else could have. This is why people who have been through what I have such an emotional attachment to their Dr. Its very easy to understand.

Knitting has been plugging along also. I frogged the TOFUTSIES sock that I was working on because I was not into it at all and my attention right now is on the Blue Moon Sock which is coming along well. The plastic surgeons socks are in progress right now and I decided on the baby cable rib pattern from SENSATIONAL KNITTED SOCKS. I chose ARTYARNS SUPERMERINO (can you tell its my favorite) and a size 2 needle to make it a very sturdy sock. My Dads sock was knitted in the same yarn and I used a size 5. Since this guy has a size 12 foot I couldnt really follow any pattern, it just wasnt working in my favor. I decided to make my own. I am contemplating putting a garter stitch border on the heel flap right now. I have time to decide. I also started a few other projects. My cousins birthday is on Sunday and we were invited to go. I need a gift FAST so I looked in my new favorite book, ONE SKEIN WONDERS, and am working on a lacey scarf with a ball of Stacy Charles Ritratto. I have 4 inches done already! Only another 56 to go!! LOL. Then I started a baby hat from the Blue Sky Cotton I had leftover from the Kimono. I plan on giving it to the Dr and his wife who had a baby in December. I originally gave them the pink Kimono that I forgot to post a picture of. This Dr is a resident that works with my DH and we are going to a party where he will be in attendance at the end of April. If time allows I will make matching booties. By the way, an awesome substitute for Rowan's Cotton Glace is Paton's Grace. Its less than 1/2 the price and its well worth it! Most of the booties in the book I have call for the Cotton Glace. There are a few other projects I have to finish and my Grandmothers birthday is in April so I have to make her something. I thought about felted slippers or slipper type socks because she is always cold and they are a quick knit. Some eyelash yarn around the cuffs would be cute too! If time allows I HAVE to cast on for this cute cotton bolero that I saw in one knitting magazine (I cant remember which one it was). Its called the Ying Yang Bolero.

My LYS also announced that Lucy Neatby will be teaching 2 classes in May!!! One of them is on Intarsia and the other is Cool Socks. Guess which one I want to take? Registration is at the end of the month and its on a first come, first serve basis starting at a certain time by phone only. It was the same when I registered for the Nancy Bush class and I was one of the 1st people to call. I hope I can get into Ms Neatby's class also. It would be fantastic to say that I was a student of both these knitting gurus!

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