Monday, March 12, 2007

Blogoversary & FO's

I missed my Blogoversary! It was 1 year ago on March 8th (day I had surgery so there was a good reason I missed it) that I started this blog. In the beginning it was called CURLYBRUNETTES STORY OF SURVIVAL but after a few months I decided to change the title of the blog and make it somewhat more happy. I wanted to blog about my favorite hobby, knitting and crocheting, so I changed it to what else but: KNIT HAPPENS! It also had no pictures when I 1st started out but now I try to post a picture with each post. When I read blogs I like to look at pictures so thats why I post them. I do like to read but I also am very visual so thats another reason why I use pictures in my posts. So while we are on the subject of pictures I have some FO's to post.

The 1st one is my Dad's birthday socks that I made from Artyarns Supermerino. Out of the 2 hanks I bought at 104 yards each I had about 1/2 of a hank left over and he is a size 9.5 shoe size. I used the THUJA pattern from Knitty and used a size 5 needle.
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Here is the Honeydew Kimono that I made for my friend who had a baby in January. I used about 225 yards of Blue Sky Cotton with a size 7 needle. I am going to make a matching hat to go with it and mail it to her by the end of the week. I dont want the baby to get so big that it doesnt fit!
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This is my DH's Fair Isle hat that I finally finished last night from my own pattern and design:
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Pretty good for my 1st Fair Isle! I am surprised it fits his big head!

SInce I have been making stitch markers I have also been making some jewelry. Here is a bracelet with matching earings made from Swarovski crystals.
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Its very hard to take a good picture with my craptastic camera. What do you expect for a camera that I bought in 1998! Yes 1998. We bought it when my DH and I got married right before our honeymoon.
I am loving making all these pretty things! All I need now is for someone to buy them! I havent been able to go to other yarn shops to see if they would be interested in selling them. One shop took my number so I hope they call me. I've thought about selling at craft fairs and holiday boutiques also. My DD's school has one every year in November. If anyone is interested in purchasing this bracelet and earings the price is $30 and I am still selling stitch markers for $10 a set (5 in a set).

In a few weeks I will be setting up my AVON WALK webpage so people can donate toward my walk in October. I am going to have special surprises for people when they donate certain amounts of money to my walk. I wont say anything right now because I dont want to ruin the surprise.


Curly Cable said...

Blimey, you've been busy. You made some lovely things, I love to see pictures too on people blogs

CurlyBrunette said...

Thanks so much! Yup, I've had the fair isle hat lingering around to be finished and the kimono whips up overnight. I just started making jewelry and I love it. So crafty am I, LOL!