Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Last Surgery, Zimmermania & Where are my Rockin' Socks?

One year has passed since I had my 1st surgery related to my breast cancer (March 2nd) and tomorrow is supposedly the last. Nipple reconstruction is 10am tomorrow and I am a bit nervous about it. I have heard horror stories of how the skin graphs didnt take or infection occured causing implant rejection! Holy crap I dont even want to think about it. I am praying that all goes well and that this is the last time I have ANY surgery. My gastrointerologist wants me to have a colonoscopy but I told him that I need an break from anesthesia so it will have to wait a few months. He said it was OK.

I got another hair cut (trim) yesterday! Not much was taken off but she shaped it so I can wear it curly without looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket! I also was introduced to some new hair products that made my hair less poofy and defined my curls more. I think it was TIGI Curls Rock Spray and Styling Lotion. Right now they are working great but the way my hair works the longer it gets the less products like that work for it. Grow hair, grow! I want to wear it in a ponytail again!

On the way back from the plastic surgeons office yesterday I stopped in one of the LYS around the hospital to see if they had any more Great Adirondack Gemini (50% wool, 50% silk) in a beatiful colorway they call Moonstone (I think, its not in front of me) for the Starry Night Shawl class I am going to take in June. Somehow I thought that 550 yards would suffice but alas, I was wrong. When I stopped into Knitting Central, where I am taking the class, Cynthia said that Jane Elliot (the teacher and genius knitter extrodinaire) said the shawl would take at least 1050 yards!! WOW, I didnt think it would take that much! I dont have a DK weight yarn that would be suitable for the shawl in my stash so I have to go looking. I thought that Great Adirondack would be a wonderful yarn because of the silk in it making it drape beautifully but its $42 for 275 yards and I would need 2 more hanks of it. The total cost would be $168 and thats to much for me to spend. To bad we cant use a lace weight yarn because I have a ton of Misti Alpaca Lace in my stash. Oh well, I have until June to find one.

Zimmermania, yes I have it. I cant believe it took me this long to buy an Elizabeth Zimmerman book. I bought her Knitters Almanac and Knitting Workshop. I cant wait to dive in and make some of her stuff especially the Baby Surprise Jacket. There are so many projects in these books its amazing. What makes it even more amazing as that you can make the pattern your own and EZ tells you exactly how to do it.

Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday and I am almost done with his socks. I want to be able to send them home with my Mom tomorrow night. If I am not done then he will get them on Saturday or Sunday. I also mailed those booties to my cousin yesterday so I hope she likes them.

My Rockin' Socks are not here yet!!! Everyone else has received their socks (well, not everyone but almost) from BMFA except me, boo hoo I am so upset because I want to cast on for these before I go to the hospital tomorrow! I keep checking their blog and all I see are tons of people on the east coast who have received their package! UGH!! Maybe today will be the day? I hope. The anticipation was killing me so much that I looked on others blogs and ruined the surprise. Its all good though because I still will be surprised when I get it. Its a toe-up pattern and I have never done one of those before. I hope that there are detailed instructions included otherwise I am going to make it cuff-down instead. The other day I was attempting to start the toe and it wasnt working well at all so I had to step away from the DPN's and yarn and call it a day. I am going to give it my all and thats all I can do IF and WHEN I get the package that is! LOL.

On the family front my Mom and Dad said that they are going to be speaking to my sister and a big decision is being made by them. I really hope they stick to their guns and dont back down when this 'conversation' occurs because my sister has mastered the art of manipulation with her passive-aggressive narcsisstic personality. This whole situation is weighing heavily on my heart and I cant tell you how much I have cried over it all. I just dont want to continue to write about it if there is nothing happening to solve the issue. However, I will write if there is anything new to write about.

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