Monday, May 01, 2006

Dinner Date

My husband and I went out to eat Saturday night to celebrate my birthday which was Apr. 22nd. We went to our favorite Japanese Steakhouse that does hibatchi. We didnt sit at the hibatchi tables but decided to sit at a regular table because it was so crowded. They gave us the crappiest table that was in a very bad spot where people who passed by kept bumping my husband. Even though the table was in a bad spot we had a great meal. I was just happy to be out and eating in a restaurant! I caught a few people looking at me funny probably trying to figure out if I was wearing a wig or not. Maybe they were just trying to figure out how I got my hair so perfect! It amazes me how some people are so rude. I would never think about starring at someone who I thought was wearing a wig. I WOULD think that maybe this person is undergoing chemo or maybe has a very good reason that they are wearing a wig at such a young age. Since my diagnosis with BC I have encountered such wonderful people who are kind and compassionate but I have also encountered some very ignorant, stupid people and it drives me nuts.

My 4th treatment, and last AC treatment will be on Thursday May 4th. I am happy that the AC will be done and I am at the half way point with my chemo but a bit anxious about starting the 4 rounds of Taxol.

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