Saturday, May 06, 2006

My 4th Chemotherapy Treatment~May 4th, 2006

This last treatment was one hell of a whopper! I can compare it to the 1st treatment I had thats how aweful it was. I stayed in my pajamas all day yesterday and couldnt move from my bed. Everthing in my body hurts and the Decadron is causing horrendous stomach pain. I found out that with the next treatment (Taxol) I have to take a huge dose of Decadron the night before the treatment and then the day of the treatment and then they give me another dose IV right before the treatment. Thats a lot of Decadron! I hope it doesnt cause the same amount of stomach pain that I am getting now. The only good thing about this is that the closer I am getting to the end of it all and then no more chemo!! Then I have to concentrate on my surgery and reconstruction but I cant even think about that right now. One day at a time is my motto and thats how I get by.

A few of the nurses at the Dr's office said that they have seen many people have their hair start to grow back on the Taxol but I am not holding my breath. I have also heard women say that they did not have their hair grow back until after the Taxol was finished.

I spoke to the oncologist about the swelling in my left arm (lymphedema) and he wants me to see a Dr who is a specialist in Breast cancer and women suffering from lymphedema. I have to call and make an appointment with her. So far the swelling hasnt gotten any worse but it hasnt improved either.

Today my husband took my daughter to a birthday party and my Mom is here waching my son so I am able to rest in my bed. I was actually able to eat something last night for dinner and had some lunch today. I think the steroid makes you have an appetite of sorts when its not causing stomach pain that is. Its so funny because the only thing that settled my stomach the other day was a Drakes Devil Dog after I took the Decadron! I think thats hysterical. I have to ask my hubby to pick up some more of those high fattening snacks. Maybe thats why it helps, because it has a higher fat content that coats the stomach? Who knows, maybe thats why I am addicted to ice-cream lately.

I am trying my best not to order any Bare Escentuals from QVC today and its very hard! They have lots of very pretty colors and I am soooo tempted!

I am wearing my Queen Esther head scarf with all the pretty beading and adornments today and my son said to me, "I like that scarf Mommy" as clear as day. It was so cute I almost cried.

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