Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The Dr who specializes in physical medicine and dealing with lymphedema called me back today. She said that I would need PT for the arm. After surgery scar tissue forms where the lymph nodes are removed. A channel is formed and good tissue and scar tissue combine and it causes a back up of fluids to collect in the arm. The fluid in the arm is painful but so is the "cording" that forms with the scar tissue. It makes it impossible to use the arm in the normal ways it was used before the surgery. The cord needs to be stretched and broken in a sense so the arm can be used properly. If nothing is done to reverse this, cellulitis can form in the arm and infection can develop. If this happens it will put off my chemo treatments and I would need IV antibiotics. Ugh! Something else that I have to worry about, its crazy! Its very frustrating that I cant do normal things with my damn arm! I didnt realize how painful it would be either. I am very happy that someone can help with this problem though. My 1st appointment is on Friday with the Occupational Therapist.

On a more private note, the Dr told me that chemo would put me into state of temporary menapause. My last period was March 17th and I wasnt expecting it anytime soon because I was getting intense hot flashes. Today I started to bleed a little bit and called the office to make sure everything was supposed to be happening that way. The nurse said that they can never say never and to keep an eye to make sure the bleeding doesnt get too intense and cause other problems. So I am not even sure its a real period but if it is I am quite happy about it because I am too young to be in menapause.

I had my 2nd geneticist appointment yesterday. When you 1st go in to the geneticist they tell you that your chances of having the gene (BrCa1 or BrCa2) is 10%. After all the info is gathered about your family history they give you a new percentage. The chances that I have the gene for BC jumped from 10% to 60-80%.

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