Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Occupational Therapy

I had my second occupational therapy appointment today at the hospital. It was painful but at least I know its for the greater good and I will be able to move my arm normally within 2 months or so. Heather (my OT) took measurements of my arm and ordered my compression stocking which will be ready later this week and will aid in the manual lymphatic drainage of my arm. It will also bring down the swelling that has developed in my arm (lymphedema). I am so happy that its going to go away and I wont have this horrendous pain when I move my arm in a certain way. I need to be able to do normal activities of daily living, like lift my kids and reach up to get something out of the cupboard. Right now I cant because my arm just wont go that high or in that direction. Overall, these 2 OT appointments have encouraged me a great deal and my arm already feels slightly different (in a better way) and its only going to get better.
My next chemotherapy treatment will be on Thursday this week and I am very nervous about it. It will be my 1st Taxol treatment and I have to be at the Dr's office early because it takes 4-5 hours to infuse all the drugs they have to give with the Taxol. I better bring something to read or do while I am there. That's where SuDoku puzzles come in handy!

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