Friday, April 21, 2006

My 3rd Chemotherapy Treatment~4/20/06

This third treatment was not as bad as the 1st but worse than the second. I feel extremely nauseaus but am dealing with is as each hour goes by. Hopefully it will subside after a few days. Tomorrow is my 35th birthday and I am hoping that I can have a peice of cake. I'll force myself to eat the cake if I have to damn it!

I had some issues getting home right after my treatment yesterday and I think that the delay in doing so is part of the reason I feel like crap. We got hung up because not only did the insurance company give me a problem with getting the Neulasta the pharmacy gave me a hard time also. Granted we had to go to another pharmacy than we usually go to but they didnt try to go out of their way to help me and I was so distraught over the fact that I needed this shot within a certain time frame that I started to cry right in the pharmacy. All I kept thinking of is those stupid commercials that show how much this particular pharmacy goes out of their way to help people. What a load of sh*t that it. CVS sucks and I have had so many bad experiences with them that I can freely say it without feeling badly about it. I felt so sick that I didnt care who was there and who saw the lady with the scarf on her head crying. Maybe that will make them realize that there are a**holes in charge of deciding what meds we can get and cant get. It makes me so angry. DH had to go all the way down to the Dr's office to pick up a dose so he could administer it by lunchtime when it was due. Damn insurance wanted me to wait 72 hours! What good is that going to do me, I need it within 24 hours of my chemo.

The blood tests that I had before the chemo showed that my Hematocrit (RBC's) are low and I will be needing Procrit the next time I go in for a treatment which is scheduled for May 4th. That will be my last AC treatment and then I start Taxol. We are almost to the half way mark with the chemo and also 75% done with the AC!! Thats something to be proud of I think

I sat next to a lovely elderly lady while I was getting my treatment and she was getting hers. She told me that 26 years ago she had breast cancer and they did a bilateral mastectomy with lymph node removal. She said that at least 4 were positive for cancer. She elected at the time to NOT have further treatment and she lived 26 years. She recently had a car accident where they had to do some CAT scans and MRI's and found cancer in her brain and spinal cord that spread from the BC. She is being treated now for that and she is a true inspiration to me. While she was talking to me she welled up with tears in her eyes saying that both me and my DH had a great attitude and that was half the battle. I hope I get to see her again but she usually comes on Fridays for her treatments and I go on Thursday's. What a sweet lady and I wont forget her.


Cherry said...

Hi CB,

You don't know me, I have posted a few times on LHC, but usually just read. I have been aways for several weeks now, and I came back to see everyone's pink ribbons for you. I was heart broken, I know what cancer and chemo would mean to an LHCer.

However, I got here and have been reading your blog and I am just amazed at your bravery. I know you already have tons of people pulling for you, but I am putting myself in there with them.
I hope you don't mind if I bookmark this and follow your progress.(((((hugs)))))

Lady Clare

PS- LOVE that fabulous wig!!! It's just gorgeous and I didn't even know they could make them that beautiful.

CurlyBrunette said...

Thanks so much cherry:>)