Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First Geneticist Appointment

I had my 1st appointment with the geneticist yesterday and I still have a headache from all the questions they asked! Its an entire history of your families illnesses and what they died of and all the details you cant imagine. Good thing my Mom wrote a bunch of stuff down for me to bring with me but even that was confusing. They tell you that 10% of all cancer diagnoses are due to genetics. When you look at it on a pie chart it doesnt look so bad but I am always in the small percentage of people that have problems. I had problems that only 1% of women get when they are pregnant so I hate percentages or hearing about them. There are 2 more appointments to go and they take blood during the 2nd appointment and then discuss your results at the last one. I am more worried about my children carrying the gene than me.

Since the last treatment I havent felt well at all. I havent vomited but the nausea and headaches are driving me mad. The anti-nausea medicine tends to cause the headaches so its a viscious cycle. The meds that you have to take for the week after a treatment cause all kinds of side effects but I guess feeling the way I do with the meds is better than feeling sick without them.

On another note my son is not liking my bald head. He keeps telling me to "buy more hair". He just doesnt like my bald head and to tell you the truth, neither do I. My daughter thinks its a riot when I take off my scarf or wig to reveal my "Telly Savalas" head. I am glad that she can laugh about it and not get upset. I am slowly losing my eyebrows and soon they'll be gone. I also have some false eyelashes waiting in the wings for when I lose my eyelashes.

My Mom is continuing to raise money for the AVON WALK that she is doing in October. Her initial goal was $1800 and then she raised it to $2400. Now, to date, she has raised over $5000 and wants to go over $8000. I give her lots of credit because I dont know if I could raise that much money. She couldnt do it without the generousity and kindness of all the people that have given to her already. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

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