Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sick as a Dog

I have so much to blog about and great pics to post but I awoke this morning with a very bad stomach virus and 103 fever. I wont even go into details of what I vomited but I havent thrown up like this since receiving chemo last year. All I have had today was Gatorade and I am going to attempt an ice pop in a few minutes. My stomach had been bothering me for a few days and I think it might be related to that. I went to sock class on Tuesday night not feeling well and subsequently not doing well with the sock. The pattern is what I am having issues with and I found an Argyle sock pattern by Eddie Eckman that does it a different way that avoids the seam up the bottom of the sock. It is supposed to be for an infant but you dont need the seam it you can avoid it and then toddlers can wear it to! I forgot to bring it in for Sally to see but I will. We are supposed to meet at Knitting Central on Tuesday evening to finish the sock up but I am not sure I can make it because of another class that will be going on with a teacher I am not fond of. I posted about it in February and she taught the Finishing Class.
Anyway back to what I wanted to post today. The pics I want to post are of the wonderful cake my DH got me for my birthday which was a sock shapped cake with pink and lavender buttercream icing. There were bananas with banana cream and chocolate cake inside. I am so glad I wasnt sick for that! Then I have a picture of the bag that I designed and crocheted for my grandmothers birthday present. I was up until the wee hours of the (Sunday) morning finishing that baby up. No one could believe that I actually designed it myself. I mean they did believe me but it came out so good that it even surprised me for a free form design. Maybe I should submit it to something for publishing?

On Sunday the 22nd, my actual birthday, my husband had to go to the emergency room. My cousin drove him at my urging because the surgical site where he had squamous cell carcinoma removed was so swollen and hot to the touch and it was streaking (red marks going up his arm indicating a bad infection). He wanted ME to lance it!! I mean I know how to do stuff like that because I am a nurse just like him but I didnt want to screw it up and its a good thing I didnt because the culture they took of the stuff they drained out (pus, gross I know) and it came back as MRSA positive which is not a good thing. It means that the infection is METHICILLIN RESISTANT STAPH AUREUS and highly contagious. I have had patients with this and before going into their rooms you have to gown and glove up not to spread it around and also that you dont get it yourself. He had to see the infection control Doc at the hospital and there is a list of things he has to do every day to eradicate it from his system. He has to scrub the wound and his body with Phisohex (Chlorhexadine antibacterial/viral soap), wrap it up (the wound) so no one comes into contact with it, use a antibacterial nasal swab because MRSA bacteria can harbor in the nasal passages, & take a FEW antibiotics to put it mildly! The Dr who did his surgery also has to go through the gamut and get his whole office staff screened to make sure he isnt spreading it to his patients (which is what I think is happening). There is a protocol that has to be followed so they can eradicate this infection otherwise he cant return to work especially since he works with immunocompromized patients. The Doc also said that the kids and I dont have to worry about anything as long as we wash our hands and that my DH and I should not have any 'contact' for at least a week. All I have to say is thank God I am sick because then its not an issue! LOL Now my darling husband has to be home until at least May 15th. He can return only when all the cultures and blood results no longer show MRSA. I like when he has days off but thats a long time to be home. I hope we dont strangle each other.

Some good news: I received my April Sock Kit from BMFA!! I dont have pictures (yet) but if you dont want to be spoiled stop reading my descrption of the kit here.
SPOILER ALERT~stop reading this paragraph (if you dare!)
The kit came with the Dyers notes, Footnotes, the pattern itself, and of course the yarn and the emergency sock yarn key chain. The yarn is SILKIE SOCKS THAT ROCK which the label states is 89% Superwash Merino and 19% Silk. Yes, the numbers dont add up to well but dont ask me! LOL It looks handspun and I am sure its going to feel like heaven on my foot. The color is called WALKING ON THE WILD TIDE which was not a secret due to the naming contest they had for the other yarns in the tide family. Its got teal, purple, tan, brown and blues in it from looking at it in the skein. I havent spun it up yet but I am sure it will look a lot different when in a yarn cake. The pattern name is called "Knee High to a Grasshopper" and it gives you the choice of making it a knee sock if so desired. I think that the BM ladies should have given us 2 skeins if they offered both patterns but thats just my opinion. Also this is a toe up pattern done on 2 circulars. I dont do 2 circs, I am a Magic Loop Lady so thats how I am going to do it. I do like toe ups and have gotten a bit addicted to that method of making socks lately.

Hopefully in my next post I will feel well enough to get these pictures on my blog. I almost forgot to add that I finished my BM socks from the Feb kit on Tuesday! Thay came out fabulous and I cant wait to show you all. I havent been able to knit all day because I was to dizzy to focus so I am going to make myself some broth with a tiny bit of noodles and see if that helps.


Curly Cable said...

So sorry to hear you are not feeling well, prehaps it partly down to the stress of your husband treatment, you really have been through it lately and life does not seem fair at all! How thoughtful of your husband to get you a cake in the shape of a sock.
Shame about the teacher in the knitting class, reminds me of those old spinster type teachers you used to get at school! Well done on finishing the inside out socks, can't wait to see your piccies and yes you must try and get your design for the bag published! I received my 2nd STR kit and the yarn is very yummy, I only ever knitted on dpn's so not sure if I'll get my head round using two circulars. Hope you feeling better soon, I sending you and your husband a hug! Look forward to seeing your pictures very soon ;-) Take Care x

CurlyBrunette said...

Thanks so much for the well wishes CC! I am feeling a bit better today and I think I will start my Grasshopper socks. My pics will be coming soon.
Thanks again!