Saturday, April 14, 2007

The New Blogger, UGGHH!!! The Yarn Harlot, Yay!!!

I cant tell you how hard it was for me to log into my blogger account just now. I have been trying to access it for 45 minutes to an hour without any results until 5 minutes ago. Since it is the new version of blogger you need a Google account and I didnt have that nor did I switch my blog over to beta. Call me lazy or resistant to change but I was happy with what I had so I didnt change it. THEY decided to change it for me so there lies the problema. I am happy that its fixed and I can now post because I have awesome news!!

I am going to see the YARN HARLOT when she comes to The WEBS Store in Massachussetts!!! You can see all about it if you go to the WEBS site: I am so excited about it I cant wait! Right now I am trying to see if anyone will go with me but since its in the middle of the week its hard for most people who would have to get off work to go. I will have to wait to get her book unless I bring my own copy for her to sign with me. I am anxious to read it but the bookstores around here dont seem to have it at the moment. After the talk she is giving at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, WEBS is having the book signing in their store and all kinds of yarn sales! This is a great opportunity for me to get the yarn I need for the shawl class I am taking with Jane Elliot in June. Heck, you name it, WEBS has it. They are a MEGA yarn store so I am getting my list together. Do you think there will be some sock yarn on the list?? LOL

Next week I have my first class for the Baby Argyle Sock with Sally (Queen of Socks). I'm excited about it and hope I can adapt the pattern to an adults foot. I am almost ready to Kitchner one of the Dr's socks and I am finally on the leg of the Blue Moon Monsoon Socks. Right on time for the next shippment hopefully to arrive the end of the month. I am almost ready to turn the heel on the yellow socks.

Today is my Grandmothers birthday and I havent finished her gift yet. Since we are expecting a nor'Easter tomorrow we are not planning a party for her tomorrow. My Mom wants to do it next Sunday which happens to be my birthday. She wants to do it together. Well, maybe I am being selfish but I wanted a cake with just my name on it. I think I have earned it since the past birthdays have all sucked for reasons I dont have to go into. I think you all know what I am referring to. Back to my socks...


Thursday said...

Hi CB. I just wanted to mention that I loved reading your blog at LHC and I do even more as a knitter. I am also going to WEBS for Yarn Harlot and I am looking forward to it and maybe meeting you there.

CurlyBrunette said...

Hi Thursday! I sent you a pm through LHC. Maybe we can meet up there, knit together and chat?