Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Its raining again. Who am I to complain though because we had a good run of nice weather without rain so this is our April showers a few days late, or I should say a month late. I cant believe its May already. Its true when they say time goes by faster as you get older.

I didn't post to much in April for reasons mentioned in the previous posts. I am hoping to post a little more this month but I feel I shouldn't post if I don't have anything to say or if I don't have any finished knitting or jewelry to show. My next jewelry party is in June so I am working now on some new stuff to sell. Its hard because I have to be in a creative mood to make jewelry so whenever the mood strikes I get busy. My daughter's communion is quickly approaching so I am not sure how much progress I am going to make on the knitting and jewelry fronts.

I did finally finish my gastroenterologists daughters sweater last night. It's the same as the one I did in the KERMIE colorway a few months ago. The only modification made was that I did the sleeves in the round as to avoid the seaming. The less seaming the better! It came out great (I think). I hope it fits her. She will be a year in September and its supposed to be sized for up to 12 months. The yarn has an elasticity to it so I think it will be fine. The yarn is Elaine by Schaefer in the LITTLE MERMAID colorway. These colorways are specifically made for kids and I love them.


I am presently working on the Rockin' Sock Club's March kit, LEAFLING. Its a little bit of a challenge for me coming to the gusset increases. I think its the way the pattern is written up. I have made socks from Cat Bordhi's New Pathways book and this pattern is based on them. I cant find anything in the Rockin' Socks Blog about it and I know there has to be others who are confused. That blog is a bit of a pain in the butt to navigate even though it got a little bit easier when people started to just reply in the comments and not start a new topic. I even looked in the Ravelry forums for anyone with problems and I cant find my specific problem. Oh well, if I have to do some other type of heel then I will. I have both socks on one circular and I think I have to take them off and reposition them before doing the heel.

Oh, I almost forgot. To answer a question posed to me in the comments on what sock yarns I bought at WEBS.
~Flat Feet by Conjoined Creations
~Misti Alpaca Sock Yarn
~Shibui Sock Yarn

I didnt get to much because I was on a budget. Thank God there was a 25% off sale!

Off to take my daughter to a birthday party.

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