Saturday, May 17, 2008

Computer Problems

I havent been able to blog due to an incident with my laptop that is totally due to my own stupidity. I fell asleep eating Gelato and it melted into my keyboard on my laptop. Oh boy! I am going to get it fixed as soon as possible but the guy at the computer repair place said it could take a while if the mother board needs to be replaced. They have to then mail it out to APPLE and get it done because they dont do that in the store. This can take a while according to what he said on the phone. Its amazing how dependant we have become on our computers. I am blogging now from our main computer which is not as fast as my laptop and of course not as easily accessible but I am glad none the less that we have another one. Its almost impossible to surf RAVELRY because its so slow loading the pages. Well, that leaves me more time to knit and make some jewelry! Until next time, whenever that may be.

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