Friday, May 23, 2008

Anxiety Attack Avoided

I was able to be reunited with my computer yesterday evening and I am soooo happy I cant even put into words. I have a lot to write about including my daughters communion, Mother's Day, our new car, my husbands tonsillectomy, my latest haircut, my knitting class with Charlene Schurch, my newest camera (which I LOVE!), my son being sick as a dog and home from school the past 3 days and of course some finished knitting to show you. I was so lost without my laptop! I am sure many of you can totally relate. The tech that fixed it told me that I was extremely lucky with the spill that had occurred. They cleaned up what they could and then replaced my keyboard which at the time was totally F-ing up. The F keys wouldnt work and the numbers lock was glued shut. My husband said the gelato that spilled into the computer was the most expensive one we had ever had! LOL. He's to much. The tech didnt even know what gelato was when I told him what had spilled. He asked me what EXACTLY spilled and I had to be specific. He looked at me funny and in all seriousness said, " What the heck is Gelato??" Ugh, its a sherbert type of ice cream. So its like an Italian Ice but creamier. My computers favorite flavor is Limada ot Limade. It was spelled the Italian way so I cant remember what it was called exactly. I vowed never to eat or drink things that can harm the computer in the future. This was my first and last time I will do something so stupid. I wonder how common it is for this to happen to NORMAL people?

Hopefully I will be able to get some pics up within the next day or two. I have lots of stuff to do around the house and errands to run since my husband cant drive so please dont hold me to it. I will certainly try my best.

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