Tuesday, July 03, 2007

WARNING: This blog is RATED R!!!

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I thought this was hilarious! The reason they said I was rated R was becasue I said these words:

Pain (15x) Hell (4x) Ass (3x) Shit (2x) Crap (1x)

Well they can add up the times I use it in this entry and then give me an X rating or something. Its funny because Pain isnt a bad word and neither is hell because its a place and an ass is a donkey. Shit and crap is somthing we all do so I dont see the problem here. Now I was surprised that they didnt mention the F word because I am sure I have used it at least once but I guess I was wrong.

I thought this would make you all laugh because its supposed to be funny (I think) and not serious.

In kitten news, Nicky is adjusting well to both Tommy, the 3 dogs and the kids. I am surprised at how well they like each other. She is a really good cat.

Tomorrow we are having a bunch of people here for the 4th and she is going to have to stay in her crate for a while since the doors are going to be open opening and closing all day. She would be the 1st one to escape!

On the knitting front I am working on the June sock from BMFA and I love it! I have to get a picture of it to prove I am knitting. I havent posted many pictures because I have been doing my other hobby, beading and jewelry making. The cabed tank top is moving along slowly and the sweater for my cousin is also moving along slowly. I cant admit the other WIP's I have or you'll think I am crazy! I finished my 1st Spring Fling sock and I frogged it because it didnt fit right. Thats something I have never done before but when I am not happy with something then its the frog pond baby. I wound up the yarn and put it away for another day. I am itching to do an afghan like I said in previous posts but STILL havent decided on a design or pattern and I also have that cute little anklet that KNITTY had in its summer issue on my list of stuff I want to make. One of the ladies at my LYS made one with Panda cotton and it came out fabulous. They sold out of it and I am awaiting more to come in. I stopped in there yesterday with my DD to see if it came in and I bought some Rowan Felted Tweed to make the Nancy Bush pattern Whitby and also 2 more skeins of Blue Sky Cotton in Lotus. When I first started knitting I bought one skein (to make who knows what with one skein!). Yesterday I bought 2 more with the same dyelot, if you can believe I found the same dyelot after a year! So now I can make a tank top or something other than a hat or scarf.

I have to look up movie times for Ratatouille because the kids want to see it. Have a great holiday everyone!

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