Sunday, August 27, 2006

Title change in the wind?

I was seriously considering changing the title to this blog. When I look back on what I endured the past 6 months it seems appropriate because it was my story of surviving BC and I won. Now its a journey of sorts. One that I have never embarked on in the past so I am unsure how to go about doing it. Life for me is a journey at this point. There is a lot to see on this journey called my life (I hope) so I will consider changing it to something like that.

Update on the drains: They are still draining and I have lots of swelling in between the breast area. PS said that he might have to stick a needle in there and drain it on Wednesday when he pulls both drains. There is also some nasty discharge from where the drain enters my body. I am sure you wanted to know all that. Anyway, I did what a good nurse would do, I cleaned it with some H2O2 and Betadine solution. I am still on the antibiotic so hopefully thats doing a good job at keeping infection away.

Tomorrow my family was going to come up for dinner but my Nana is not feeling well so they are staying home. I have lots of knitting and crocheting planned. So much to do before Christmas and not a lot of time to do it. I have an afghan that I put on hold due to the fact I have other stuff that has to get done first. Right now I am finishing up my daughters winter hat (that I frogged once already) and a scarf for my Aunt's Christmas present. I cant believe how long that ones been taking me. I had some issues with a pattern I used for my Dads hat. They said to cast on 70 stitches and it came out way too big. I had to go to the craft store yesterday and get elastic cord and thread it through the ribbing of the hat. It looks fine and you cant tell anything is different but I am pissed at myself and at the jerk that made the pattern!

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