Wednesday, August 23, 2006

One Week Post Surgery

Yesterday I had my follow up with the PS to check and see if the drains could come out. In order for them to come out there has to be less than 30ml in a 24 hour period being put out by the body and I am no where near that amount. Its about 75ml on the right breast and 65ml on the left breast. Its funny that the breast without the cancer has the most issues with amount of drainage and with pain.

The Doctor retaped my steri strips and felt around to see if everything was where it was supposed to be. There is so much pressure on my chest right now that it hurt when he did that. He also wasnts me to remain on the Clindamycin until the drains come out and he gave me another script to fill. I have been on it since before going into surgery except it was IV and now its pills.

The hardest part of my days have been in the morning when getting out of bed. I have to sleep slightly elavated so I have on of those geometric pillows under my upper body with my satin pillow under my head. Then I have a pillow under my legs and a body pillow to the left of me to prevent my DH from hurting me unintentionally in his sleep. THEN I have a small pillow under both arns where the drains originate from. You thought I would never end there did ya! Its the only way I can sleep due to the drains, inscisions and expander placement. I have heard other women who have gone through this say the best way to sleep is in a recliner which I dont have nor do I have the $ to buy one right now. Plus, I dont want to sleep in a chair, I want to sleep in a bed! My bed. I have at least accomplished that. This morning I had more pain then usual and swelling so I called the Dr this evening and he asked a ton of questions to make sure it wasnt an infecton. He said I might need an increase in my pain meds and that he wants to see me on Friday. He doent think the drains will come out them either but definitely they will come out on Wed the 30th because you cant keep them in a day longer than that

The pain is bad as I mentioned many times but it hasnt stopped me from doing the things I love. No, I dont mean clean either because I havent done any! Since coming home on Friday I have been to the yarn store about 4 times. Yarn addict, thats me. First yarn store visit:On Saturday my Mom and I went to 2 places and she was treating so hey, why not get some nice stuff, on sale of course. She wants me to make her this gorgeous scarf that I have designed in my head already and its simply stunning if it comes out the way I envision it. Its for wearing with her suits at work and neutral colors but still full of color at the same time. She said that there was no rush on it but I want to get it done so she can have it for Christmas.
My Mom wanted to go see some puppies in the town next over from mine and I LOVE dogs so why not. I saw a Maltachshund, which is a combo of a Maltese with a Doxie and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. The price of the dog was crazy though ($1400) so NO buyee the doggee mommee. We didnt go there to buy a dog anyway just to look and have fun. It so happens that one of my favorite yarn stores is down the street from the puppy place so there was our Second store: This is the store where my Mom found all the components for her scarf and she was thrilled. I knew however that I needed more of one material which I ordered from which I consider my Third yarn store visit
Yesterday after my Dr's appointment my DH took me to the little knitting store by the hospital Fourth visitand they had a HUGE 50% off sale and I couldnt resist. I was surprised my DH was so interested in the yarn I was buying.I bought one of my favorite yarns, Koigu. I hope I spelled that right. I dont like misspelling things but I do it all the time.
Today my Dad came over to take me, DH and the kids out to breakfast and the nearest IHOP is 1 mile away from AC MOORE where they have a million different yarns! So there is the Fifth visit to a yarn store!

When I got home I received my Denise Interchangeable Needle Set!!!
Now I am in the middle of making my Dad's hat to go with his scarf that I made a few weeks ago. Both are made with a Fisherman's Wool combo and I know he is going to like them.

I have been going through some very stressful & upsetting happenings lately stemming from a member on another site that I will not mention and I will not go into the drama here in my blog. This person should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of my situation with my health and thats the lowest you can go. So what I have to say is to my other friends here, "Please dont trust anyone and if you have a suspicion about someone then you are probably right. Trust your instincts!" I'd like to thank all those who have reached out to help me and been so kind to me and also made me feel at ease over the whole situation. Maybe someday I can go into more detail.

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