Saturday, August 05, 2006

Countdown, 10 days

August 2nd Wed~ I had my pre-op appt with the plastic surgeon and asked all the questions that I forgot to ask and wrote down the last time I saw him. He showed me pictures of the finished results on other women like myself and I was happy with what I saw. Of course I would be happier with my own breasts but I know thats not possible and I am totally ready for this surgery. As we get closer I get more anxious but I am more nervous over the fact its a 5-6 hour surgery than anything else. I had the PS also take a look at a scab that formed over an area that opened up on my incision line and I was having lots of pain and discomfort in my left breast and down my arm. He felt and said that maybe a suture came to the surface and thats what caused it. OK no problem since all that is going to be removed anyway. I just dont want an infection or something to delay my surgery.

Yarn crazy!~On the way home I stopped at the yarn store in the next town over and its GORGEOUS! Its 4X the size of the one in my town and I spent more than I should have. Pretty, pretty yarns, my precious!

Aug 3rd, Thurs~When I was getting out of the shower on Wed night the scab came off my incision and puss came out of the HOLE that was there along the suture line. Sorry if that was TMI but now I was freaking out. I called the surgeon (breast surgeon, Dr Ward) and she told me to come into her office the next day. We went down to her office and she took a look at it and tried to get the underlying suture but was unable to grab it. She told me that it probably was slightly infected and that my lymph is compromised in that area since I had some removed and thats the pain and discomfort I felt. So she said it would be better to put Bacitracin on it than take any antibiotic orally. On the way home we stopped at another yarn store in Greenwich and I bought some 100% Merino Wool to make my hubby some socks and also some sock yarn that my CROCHET SOCKS book calls for. I am doing well with them so far and I am presently working on the leg part of the sock (working down to the toes) I am a much better crocheter than knitter with socks and I want to change that so I bought DPNs and I ordered a kit that has every needle known to man:
Isnt that AWESOME! It wont be shipped until they get back from vacation which is August 10th but thats OK, I have enough projects to work on now. I added a crochet kitchen towel using intarsia knitting to get my color changing skills up to par. I dont want to be afraid to use different colors when I knit or crochet.
My DH bought me some plastic storage containers that match the bedroom. They are lavender and so cute! They hold all my stuff and I can see all the pretty yarn I have whenever I want. My laptop also can charge nicely resting on top of them.

Aug 4th, Fri~I woke up this morning and the white part of my right eye was so swollen that there was an actual ridge that you could see on the edge of my iris and I had a problem closing my eye. I immediately called my friend who is an eye Dr and she told me to come in. She examined me and said that it might have been an allergic reaction or just allergies in general that caused it. She gave me an antibiotic/steroid drop that I am using in both eyes, just in case.

On the way home we stopped at AC Moore Arts and Crafts and I bought more yarn for my blanket and another to make the scarf I am making longer. I avoided buying any needles because I am getting that kit in the mail soon enough.

Today I received my earings in the mail and they are beautiful! I tried on the CBR's with the pink stones and they look great. The 14G went in OK. The left ear a tad tight but not to bad. I put my 16G back in because I am not sure if I can keep my earings in for surgery. I have to tell DH to ask the anesthesiologist about that.

Tomorrow my Mom and Dad, Nana and 2 great aunts are coming for dinner. My Mom just got back from her vacation and the kids and I missed them a lot.


Dawn Taylor said...

Girl, you're falilng a part!! J/K, but I know how you feel. It's always something, isn't it. Sounds like you have enough yarn to last for years. What a great hobby to have when you're recovering. Take it easy and get better!!

CurlyBrunette said...

Thanks Dawn, hope you are doing well also. I have been thinking about you lately and you are in my prayers everyday.

Knit/Pickin' with Ellen Edwards said...

HI--CurlyBrunette--I just saw your "Intro" at favorite place on the Net!! I read a bit of your blog then, after finding out about all your health problems,and girl, you have been through it!! I am hoping your surgery will go well, and I believe in prayer and will remember you in mine. My best friend is a 14 year lung cancer survivor, and she's been through hell at times, but her outlook is always pray to Him, Praise Him, and thank Him--for He's always in control! That's awesome thinking when you're throwing up from chemo, isn't it!! I've had a few things--Fibromyalgia and spinal problems, Migraines.....and then 8 years ago this August, a huge thing--the loss of my daughter when she was 31 of a heart attack. So, I don't have cancer, but I do know about loss and hurt!!

Just wanted to welcome you to's really a great place to be and the people are frinedly there--and have awesome advice for all of us who are searching for that elusive stitch we cannot seem to grasp!

God bless you!

Trudy (ellen Edwards on!)

CurlyBrunette said...

Thanks Ellen, it seems like you have had your share of grief and problems also and I am sorry to hear that. I do believe my faith gets me through othewise I am not sure what I would do. I love the Knitting forum and I am so happy there are other yarn addicts like myself!