Sunday, August 20, 2006

5 Days Post-Op

I went into the hospital on Tuesday Aug. 15th at 6:15am. They took me right in and started and IV and premedicated me. I have had surgery before but all this was happening so fast! Before going into the OR the anesthesiologist came to see me along with the PS and the BS. I was EXTREMELY upset that I wasnt having the anesthesiologist that signed onto my case weeks ago. I told this one that I had a fear of waking up in massive pain and he promised that wouldnt happen. (I'll go into it later but he lied)

I was rolled into the OR at 7:30-7:45pm and they medicated me immediately so I dont remember anything of the surgery. I do however remember waking up crying in agony. I was crying because it hurt to even breathe. The anesthesiologist was supposed to follow me into the recovery room but didnt and my DH was pissed about that. He put in a call to my pain specialist who met me when I got into my room. If it wasnt for him and the nurse practitioner that he works with I would have been up sh*ts creek without a paddle. I had a foley cath in and was not allowed to move out of bed anyway so I pressed the pain button lots of times.

The nurses and assistants assigned to me during my time there were fabulous. They made sure I got up and helped me to wash and do the stuff I still cant do yet due to the 2 drains coming out from under each arm. I didnt have a dressing because the surgeon doesnt think they are benefitial and used something called Xeroform dressing just to cover it gently.

I brought tons of crochet and knitting with me to the hospital and everyone that came into my room would ask me what I was making. I made a pretty scarf with a flower for my breast surgeon and she loved it. She couldnt believe that I did it in one night! Well, I had nothing else to do so why not. My Mom bought me a few books on kniting and yarn too. She is making me make he this gorgeous scarf (no time limit) and I made her get me all the proper yarn that the project requires. I cant wait to get my Denise Interchangeable Needles so I can start some of these projects that I have been meaning to start since I came home on Friday. My Mom liked the scarf I made the Dr so much that I made her one with the left over yarn I had from the first one.

Right now I am in a lot of pain and taking my meds like I am supposed to do. With these expanders under the muscle in my chest it feels like I have something there that shouldnt be there. I know it shouldnt be there but you know what I mean. I have to see the PS on Tuesday to see if the drains will come out. They have to be draining less than 30ml in a 24 hour period and I am FAR away from that. I think he wants to see how I am progressing anyway.

Many people called me in the hospital and I was very relieved that they did. I didnt have to stress over the fact that someone didnt call. There are still people that havent called me but I have accepted that people like that exist and I cant do a thing about it.

Thanks to everyone who thought about me or said a prayer, I appreciate it.

My Pathology report came back and it was totally clear of any cancer!!! I am cancer free so I am off to change my siggy now...Where is that dancing naner when you need it??

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Anonymous said...

Dear CurlyBrunette,

I've been following your story and found your blog through TLHC. I am so glad you are cancer-free now. What a terrible ordeal you are going through. Thank you for updating your blog. I know it must be hard to do anything right now. God bless you.