Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lucky Birthday Celebration

Today is my oldest dachshunds 13th birthday! Happy Birthday Old Man! Here is a birthday tribute in pictures:




Ernie wanted to pop in and wish his best friend a happy birthday from the Rainbow Bridge:


My Dachshund book says that 13 years is like 68-70 in doggie years. I am not sure how they figure it out but when I was little it was 7 years for every year. That would make him 91 years old! WOW! The book says that its not 7 years for every year because it would make them way to old. After they hit a certain age its less then 7 years for each year. It makes sense to me.

Today also is the 12th anniversary of my husband's and my first date. It was Frank's 1st birthday so of course he came on the date with us. It was Frank's first time on a sailboat!

Back in March I received my Rockin' Socks Club Kit for the LEAFLING pattern in LUCKY colorway. I FINALLY finished them yesterday! I started them two at a time on one circular. It worked up until I had to do that funky heel and I needed a couple of spare DPN's to hold the stitches. I had to take them off and work one at a time. It turned out great because when I finished with one sock, half the other one was done so there was no sign of the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome. If I concentrated on just one project at a time I would finish a lot faster but my whole thing is that my knitting has to be QUALITY and if its crappy workmanship it pisses me off. I rather take my time then put out crap. I envy all those other knitters who can work fast and still put out quality workmanship. Tonight I plan on CO for Cleopatras Stockings which is the May Kit for the RSC. It's a toe up pattern by Yarnissima that starts with a crocheted provisional cast on. Judy's Magic Cast On seems like a better way to do it for me. Not that I don't like short row toes/heels because I do. I just want to get these going and I am not sure if I want to do two at a time or just one because the pattern looks complicated. Well, when I first looked at the LEAFLING pattern I thought the same thing but after working it and actually doing it I realized they were not that complicated at all. So without further ado I present my LUCKY LEAFLINGS:



By the way, I am so glad I made these in small and not medium like I was initially going to do. I have a size 7-7.5 foot with an 8.5" circumference and I usually make a medium. You can see in the picture that there is a little extra room in the heel area but its OK with me. As long as the toe and foot aren't baggy because that would annoy me.

Last night I CO for a baby sweater for a co-worker of my husband who just had her first baby, a boy. I was so hoping that it would be a girl because I have so many cute patterns for girls. Pinafore dress patterns and other cute little skirts that I am dying to make. I cant complain to much because my friend has a baby girl that I just made the cute little pink cardigan in a previous post. Looks like she is going to have some more cute knitted stuff made for her. It's a Debbie Bliss pattern for a Polo Shirt using Baby Cashmerino in a pale blue that almost looks slate. The only negative about the pattern is that it uses size 2 and 3 needles! Ughh! Time consuming but worth it, I think. Lately, I have been using Blue Sky Cotton or Organic Cotton to make my baby clothes so it was time for something different. I also thought that since this baby was just born he won't be wearing the sweater any time soon. I decided to make it in the 6-9 month size so he will be able to wear it all Fall, Winter and Early Spring. I believe that when you make something for a baby they should be able to get the most wear out of it possible. Baby Cashmerino was the best choice because its a combination of merino, microfiber and cashmere yarn, perfect for the cold weather. Thats another reason I didn't want to use the Blue Sky Cotton.


Curly Cable said...

Happy Birthday Frank, you looking as cute as ever, I also when young was told it was seven years for each year to work out a dog's age too, but then was told it should be 14 years for the first year (as a bitch can be pregnant at the age of one, and a human can be pregnant at fourteen, but not at aged seven) then its nine years for the second year, and then each subsequent year after it is equivelent to four years, So I reckon on that calculation Frank is 67 years, which isn't too far out from your book calculation, Hope that makes sense. :) I love your leafing socks, they really are superb. Well done :)

CurlyBrunette said...

Thanks CC! Now all I have to do is conquer Cleopatra's Stockings! I havent CO for those yet. I am trying to work on other sock club socks. Frank says woof, woof, thank you for the birthday wishes!