Tuesday, June 17, 2008

School's Out For Summer, School's Out Forever! (well its half true)

I am finally starting to feel better after my last day on the new antibiotic. My throat is still red and sore but the Dr seems to think that I have a virus and bacterial infection so thats why the antibiotic cant fix me 100%. My Mom came up on Saturday to take my son to a bowling birthday party because there was no way I could have done it. I felt like I was zapped of all my energy and standing up was making me extremely dizzy. My daughter and I watched cartoons in my room while I worked on the heel for my LEAFLING socks from March's Rockin' Sock Club kit. The directions were not as clear as they could have been so I was a little pissed and ended up frogging the heel twice. I was all ready to throw in the towel and make a traditional heel flap but I knit on and finished it. Its a very nice fitting sock and thats because its based on a Cat Bordhi design from her NEW PATHWAYS FOR SOCK KNITTERS book. However, the sizing was a bit wonky and I made myself the small. I usually make a medium in socks because my foot measurement is 8.5" but with the negative ease I have with LEAFLING tells me to make my socks with a measurement of 7.5"-8" to get the fit I like. The directions got me so confused I had to take the socks (I was doing 2 at a time on on circ) off the circular and work with DPN's to complete the heel. Pain in the you know what I tell ya! At least when I am done with sock number one I will have 30% of sock number two completed. I love how fast I can make socks with them both on one needle but truth be told its not easy for me when I am out and about to pull out the two socks and the two balls of yarn that go with them (LOL) and then proceed to knit. Either I have to try harder or just work them at the same time on seperate needles,

I am also working on the GARDEN ANKLET SOCKS from my LYS-Knitting Central and am about to turn the heel on sock number one! How fast is that pattern! Awesome! The baby cardigan I am making for my friends baby is almost done. I seamed up the shoulders and one arm. I have to do the other arm, both sides and the buttons. Then I will be finished. The funny thing about this pattern is that I made the 12 month size and it calls for 3 skeins of Blue Sky Cotton and I only used 1.5. I have a whole skein and a half left. A matching hat might also be in this little girls future! I am just so excited to give it to her I don't want to wait to finish a hat.

After SEARS canceling the appointment I had on Wednesday to fix my dryer and me fighting on the phone with them for over an hour as to why they couldn't send someone sooner then the following Wednesday, I won. They came yesterday (Friday) and fixed my dryer. Say goodbye to scratchy air dried underwear and hello to Downy soft dryer dried clothes again! I never realized how much I rely on my dryer. It is an energy star approved appliance so I am saving energy using it but I bet I saved a few pennies not using it for a whole 10 days. It was to humid to dry clothes out on the clothesline the first half of the week so they were all over the house as you had previously seen in a post from a few days ago. The technician that came was the same one that serviced it a month ago and he was so nice. He literally took 15-20 minutes to take the circuit board out, run to his truck to get the part and pop it into the circuit board. Like magic the dryer was working again! Yippy! I asked him how much it would have cost if we didn't have the service agreement on it. He said that the part alone would be $100 and then labor is $132/hr so at least $200. In my humble opinion I think it's worth it to have it because if you remember about a month ago I had to replace the rubber sealer part on my front loading Kenmore He Washing Machine and that would have cost at least $300 to fix. All of these little 'repairs' add up I tell ya!

My Woolgirl Sock Club Kit came a few days ago and I LOVE it!! The colors are fabulous and Jen is so generous with all the goodies in the kit. WOW is all I could say when I opened it. The theme is FROGGING and the yarn is dyed the all the colors of a tree frog. I am not sure if I want to do the pattern that came with the kit though. I'll decide after I knit a few rounds and see how it looks.

Here is a meme that I found on a blog I read all the time. I have never done one before so here it goes.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago I was 27 years old and it was the summer of 1998. I was preparing for my wedding which was to take place on September 26, 1998. I had just had my surprise bridal shower on the 12th of June that year and wow was I surprised! It was so much fun and there were so many people there, it seems like yesterday. The day of my bridal shower it was raining cats and dogs and I thought I was going to a graduation party. My husband kept the secret to and thats surprising because its hard to surprise me. So at this time 10 years ago my future husband and I were crammed into a one bedroom apartment right outside NYC. All of our bridal shower gifts stacked high to the ceiling. We had been living there since the Spring of 1997 when we decided to live together or 'in sin' as the priest who married us called it. Agh, the Catholic church, so hypocritical! I wont even go there.

2. 5 things on my to-do list today?

Phone calls, laundry, pick up the kids early (last day of school), seam up the baby sweater, finish one LEAFLING sock and turn heel on the second, work on Garden Anklet sock.

3. Snacks I enjoy:

Minute Maid Frozen Lemon-aide, Wheat Thins Basil & Parm crackers, fruit (nectarines, peaches, bananas, strawberries, pineapple, cherries-I really LOVE all fruits and fruit smoothies, Ice Cream, Oreos, Chocolate Chip cookies, chocolate, lets put it this way, I love all snacks and beef jerky is another snack that I hate to admit I like (no carbs!).

4. Places I’ve lived:

New York, Connecticut

5. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Own a yarn shop (yes, I know its more than just being surrounded by yarn and knitting all day but I still want to!), give to my favorite charities, buy a Porsche 911 Turbo, have a HERD of dachshunds, travel, buy another house somewhere out west. I loved Montana, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming near Yellowstone and would love having a log cabin out there. Maybe its just being surrounded by nature anywhere would be a good place for a log cabin. Plus I absolutely LOVE the modern log cabins with all the huge glass windows that let the natural light in. There are so many things I would do if I was a Billionaire I could go on forever.

I cant believe today is the last day of school!
When does camp start?

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