Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I (Finally) Did It!

Yup, I finally did it. At first I was nervous about doing it and put it off thinking that I could do it on my own without help. Things got worse and I grew unhappier by the day so I finally decided it was time. I got my friend Theresa (who has also wanted to do it for the longest time), and we did it together. What in the blazes am I speaking of you ask? Well, we joined Weight Watchers last night! I am sick and tired of looking and feeling sick and tired! I want to be a healthy weight for my height and I am overweight. I may not be considered obese but I certainly feel it especially when I went to buy clothes, which at the moment is extremely depressing. Nothing would fit right and it was a never ending battle finding something nice to wear for special occasions.

I drew the final straw when I went to my GYN for my yearly exam and I got on the scale. I want you to know that I debated whether or not to put my weight down here but I decided that I wasnt going to be ashamed to do it. It will only motivate me to get to my goal weight so here I go. When I went to my GYN and got on the scale I weighed 176 lbs!! My height is 5 ft and a half and inch so I round it off to 5'1". Thats overweight. Since I found out what my weight was I started to watch what I ate and cut out a lot of things that I was doing like having more than one ice pop at night while watching TV and having smaller portions. So for about the last 3-4 weeks I have been doing well. I knew when I got on the scale at my first meeting last night there would be a lower number than the one I saw at my GYN's office. My starting WW weight, at last nights meeting (July 1st, 2008) was 167.6 pounds. I am off to a good start before I even started the program with an 8.4 pound weight loss! I am psyched!

Weight watchers has a couple of different programs. The last time I did it was 10 years ago and the points program was what worked for me. It worked for me the last time so I decided that I would do that one again. This time it looks like it will be a lot easier because they have what's called FLEX points that you get for the week in addition the the regular points you start every day with. They didn't have that 10 years ago. Meetings are once a week and I am hoping that by the time my cousins wedding rolls around (September 27th) I will be looking svelte. Plus our 10th Wedding Anniversary is the 26th of September so I want to be looking good for that. What I really want is to be healthy. I definitely DO NOT want to be super skinny and boney looking. I have always had curves and I intend to keep them. A healthy body weight for me from what I read of all the literature they handed out is anywhere between 102-128 lbs. Thats a huge gap but they are taking into consideration if you have a large, medium or small frame and also everyone is not the same shape. There are all those different shapes like apple and pear. I dont know which fruit I am, maybe a banana! LOL. I will keep you all posted on my weight loss journey. Now on to some knitting content!

I have been working on this scarf since December of 2007. It got put on the back burner for a while because I was busy with other projects. I finished it yesterday and I decided to add a flower with leaves on one end. I then embellished it with some gorgeous Swarovski crystals around the petals and center of the flower. Isn't it pretty?




Flower Adorned Scarf~Coming up Roses from Vogue Knitting's Crocheted Scarves Two
Rowan Wool Cotton in Off White, Citron and Petal
Size H crochet hook

This is a wire crocheted creation of mine that I made 2 days ago. I used Sterling Silver 28G wire, an H hook and some glass and quartz chip beads to make the necklace and earrings. At 16-17" it's meant to be a choker and is very comfortable, even for someone like me who doesn't like to wear necklaces to tight



Belinda said...

Congrats on starting Weight Watchers and your weight loss. Being 5ft0inches, I totally understand the need to feel comfortable and with not a lot of height, I can gain weight pretty easily and even 5 pounds shows on me immediately! I need to lose about 25 pounds, but am totally dreading it. Keep me updated on your progress!

tapmouse said...

OMG! Gorgeous scarf! And congratulations on WW and your success. I'm 5'1 1/2" and I'm at 154 lbs, so I absolutely know what you mean! I started out at around 164 (but I had been up to 168 probably the month prior to that) and I have been up to 176. I'm maintaining the intiail 9lb or so loss, but I'm having trouble getting back on program, tracking and all the focus on changing my behaviours!

BTW, I am a happy recipient of one of your wonderful stitch markers! It is great, only I haven't seen it since I got it since my son decided he get to keep it with all the other 'extras' I got in the kit!

You are truly talented!