Monday, October 01, 2007

Socktoberfest's First

Yesterday I mentioned that October is known as Socktober in the knitting community or with the sock knitting obsessed community. I finished my first pair and I am going to count it as a Socktober pair.



They are from Woolgirls Sock Club and it was the first kit I received on 9/15 and completed 9/30. Pretty quick for me even though I know some of you out there can finish socks in a few days or less! If my hand felt better I could do a lot of things and I am planning on seeing the OT soon to see what she can do to alleviate the pain and maybe I to can complete a pair in a week. I worked on my Solstice Slip last night and I am up to the heel so far. I decided to cast on for a new pathways sock from Cat Bordhi's new book. Its called BARTHOLOMEW'S TANTALIZING SOCKS. It uses the SKY ARCHITECTURE that I used in the baby socks I knit for my Dr's baby. I love the look of the sock and the linen stitch makes it look fabulous especially the Blue Moon Rockin' Sock yarn I am using. I also have to cast on for Knitting Centrals Sock Club sock which I posted a picture of yesterday. The reason I am holding off on starting it is that its cables and I love cables, dont get me wrong but the Solstice Slip Socks are cabled also and I can only deal with so many cables at once! The cabled tank top I havent finished is also cabled as the name implies. So you see I have lots of cables in my life right now. Well, if I want to knit some socks I better stop chit chatting and get to work!


Thursday said...

OOO I love Bartholomew's sock's! They are on my list to knit... after I finish the sockapalooza savior socks, the other coriolis sock, the other crooked cable sock.... and I bought my first skein of Socks that Rock to knit them in too.

CurlyBrunette said...

Oh, now I need to check out those pattens you mentioned. Thanks for the enabling there. LOL. I dont need much enabling when it comes to socks as you can see. You are going to love STR yarn, its my favorite sock yarn.