Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sick & Socks

No, that title doesnt say SICK OF SOCKS, no way. I dont think that can ever happen! I am sick as a dog today and was unable to do anything I had planned including going to see the surgeon about my carpal tunnel and having my first jewelry party. I couldnt even make it to the parent-teacher conferences this morning which I really wanted to go to so I could hear how both kids are doing in school. I attempted to get up and get dressed and in the process thought I was going to pass out from coughing so much. I feel like I have pneumonia and I do have a fever with chest pain so I am hoping it gets better and not worse. My son also came home from school sick and my daughter has been having issues with chest congestion and her asthma. We had to call the pediatric specialist the other night because she could not stop coughing.

Anyway the socks are slow in coming along due to my carpal tunnel but I manage a few relaxing stitches here and there and I did finish one of the Bartholomew's Tantalizing Socks from the New Pathways book. It really looks fantastic in the Space Dust colorway of BMFA. I also completed the first Solstice Slip Sock that I have been working on since June! There is another kit from Blue Moon coming soon and Woolgirl's second sock kit shippment goes out November 14th. I really wish this damn hand of mine felt better. Heck, at this point I wish I felt all over better. I'll post pictures when I feel better.

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