Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Wait is OVER!!!!

For months I have been patiently waiting to get my invitation to and 3 days ago the wait was officially over!!! I am on Ravelry and sooo addicted already. You can organize everything that has to do with your projects, yarn, knitting and crocheting. They make is so easy its incredible. The most difficult thing was opening a Flickr account. Right now I keep all my photos on Photobucket and I think I am going to stick to keeping my jewelry pics there and my other knitting and crochet on Flickr. I might change my mind as time goes on because I already LOVE the way Flickr manages there pics.

So anyway, for months I refused to even discuss Ravelry on this blog because I was a little bit upset that everyone else was having all the fun and I was waiting on the sidelines. I dont want to upset anyone out there thats waiting for an invite but I am sure its coming because I was WAYYYYY down the list so I am sure yours is next. I am CurlyBrunette on Ravelry also if anyone wants to hang out. I am still in the process of organizing my sh*t on there but I think its going to be an ongoing process of organization. Last night I put some of my projects, books and even got the cutest pattern for baby bootees. I was so excited over Ravelry yesterday that I almost finished the knitted slippers I am making for my Dr's wife who just had a baby and the Blue Moon Solstice Slip sock. My hand wasnt any worse for wear so I guess I need to start knitting more. Plus the weather was a bit Fallish last night (I love Autumn!) so that means more knitting! Woolgirls sock club starts in September and another Blue Moon Kit is going out next week (August's Kit). I cant believe that this is going to be the 4th kit. That means there is only October's and December's to go.

Here's somthing totally different, NOT, LOL!

Rainforest Necklace
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Turquoise Necklace
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Tigers Eye Necklace
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Red Agate Necklace
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Pink Clouds Choker
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Hearts Afire Necklace
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Peridot & Pearls Bracelet
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I promise (and I mean it this time) a FO will be in the next post. Ravelry has lit a fire under my ass, or I should say skein!


Curly Cable said...

Congratulations on your invite to I am still waiting for mine, but I know I was one of the later ones to join, so I waiting patiently. I am really intriged to see how it works though. I bet it is great fun and a fabulous wealth of inspiration. I know what you are saying about the next STR kit, I've not even started the second or third kit yet, I wonder what this one will be. Look forward to seeing a progress picture of your Solstice sock. Your jewellery pictures are as fabulous as ever.

CurlyBrunette said...

CC, ravelry is so well worth the wait and you're going to love it! I have a stange feeling the color scheme of the next kit is going to be a dark color. Just a guess, I could be totally wrong.