Friday, August 24, 2007

A Finished Object at last!

I actually finished some knitting the other day. Getting the Ravelry account lit a fire under my ass to complete some UFO's
and actually get organized. The Cabled Tank top I started so long ago is almost complete. All I have left is three-quarters of the front and seaming it up.

Moccasins Slippers

I gave these to my Dr's wife who just had her 4th child along with some candy (everyone loves candy) and the Peridot Swarovski bracelet and earings I had made a while back to signify the month of August for this baby's birthdate.

After putting my WIP's and FO's on Ravelry I went through all my yarn and made a big donation bag to give to my husbands co-worker's church. When we moved I literally gave her at least 20 boxes of clothes, toys, books and other things that were in great condition but we had no use for anymore. One thing I hate to do is throw things away. If someone else can use something then I am going to give it to them to use. The bag was basically filled with mostly acrylics and some nice baby yarns I wasnt using (I think there was some PLUSH by Berroco that I bought for 1/2 price and every time I tried to knit with it I couldnt see my stitches) and a few sock yarns that I either didnt like the colors anymore or I didnt like the feel of them through my fingers when I was knitting them. Someone is going to be pleasantly surprised when they find some nice Tofutsie & Regia sock yarns hidden in a bag of acrylic! LOL.

My grandmother is not doing well at all and I couldnt even get her to talk when I called her the other day. She has given up and wants to die. I also think that the reason she's not talking is because the brain tumor is growing so fast and is causing memory and speech problems. I do know how she feels. I am probably the only one in the family that can say that because I had cancer. Right now I have one word for cancer and since my blog is rated R at the present time and I dont want to make it an X rating I wont say what it is. You can certainly imagine what word I am thinking of at the moment.

The kids start school next week and I am busy getting everything prepared for that. I cant wait until they are both in school so I can actually get things done! I can work on getting some excersise, working on my jewelry and maybe setting up a site where I can sell it and also, most importantly, working on getting some WIP's finished. The possibilities are endless! My son will be in full day Kindergarten. The only day he has early dismissal is Wednesdays which I can deal with. If he didnt go full day he would be bored out of his mind. He's been driving me crazy these last few weeks because he says, "There's nothing to do." Yup, school cant come fast enough for me.

So, back to the knitting. I was going through other knitters FO's and kept seeing COECHELLA from Knitty's Summer '07 issue popping up. Never in a million years would I think it would ever look good on me but looking at other ladies with similar body types not only pulling it off but looking awesome in it made me run out yesterday and purchase some Berroco Suede. I CANT wait to cast on for this one but I am NOT going to until I finish the Cabled Tank. I am not sure if I can keep that promise but I will try. Lately, even my husband seems to get excited over yarn. When Woolgirl sent me some of her new Union Center Colorway named after her he expressed how nice it would look knit up into some socks. Then yesterday when my Rockin' Socks club package arrived he came into the house with all the mail announcing, "Your sock club yarn is here, open it so I can see what kind it is." Yup, all he has to do is learn to knit and maybe we could get a pair of socks done faster then me doing one at a time. I can dream cant I? The color and the name suit each other perfectly. I took a picture but didnt I set all these knitting goals at the beginning of the year and I think one of them was to learn to knit 2 socks at once but I havent learned that yet. I need to learn to do that but it seems knitting 2 socks at the same time is a lot easier to do when you are using 2 circular needles as opposed to 1 circular using the magic loop method (my favored way of sock knitting). I have been trying to find the new Cat Bordhi book in my LYS's and the book stores but have been unable to locate it anywhere but online. I have held off ordering it with much restraint but I am unsure if I can wait any longer because lots of people are talking about how fabulous it is with all these new and awesome techniques in it. Blue Moon has it AND they also have some new colors up for the holiday so who knows what can happen with that combo. Dangerous, thats what it is. I've been good with the yarn purchases lately because I have been buying beads to make my jewelry. Hopefully that will be a good investment when I start to sell it.

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