Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Little Good News and Some Bad News

My Grandmother (I am going to call her Nana from now on because this is what I call her IRL) is now in a short term rehab facility recouperating from the hip surgery she had to pin her broken hip into place. Thats the good news. The bad news is that the tumor in her brain was confirmed as being metastasis from her lungs which are filled with cancerous masses (in both) which is the primary site of cancer. She had a whole slew of tests and its confirmed as being Stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis to the brain and possibly the kidney and liver. Both of them lite up on the PET scan which means the cancer is starting to spread to these areas. My husband and I asked which would be the cause of her death and the Dr believes that she will get a major infection that wont be able to be cured with antibiotics due to the cancer being rampant at that point and the infection itself will kill her. I know this sounds a bit morbid but I wanted to know because the tumor in her brain is growing quickly and the last thing that we want to happen is that these tumors grow and cause the brain to herniate which is a painful and unpleasant way to go. She has a seizure disorder to begin with and it would cause major seizures that would lead to her death. The Dr doesnt see this happening before an infection occurring that I described above. She elected not to have brain surgery because its not going to make her better. It might actually make her final days hellish especially if she can no longer speak or eat after the surgery. It can also kill her due to her heart problems. My wish is that she doesnt suffer. I saw my paternal grandparents die horrible deaths due to cancer and I dont want to see that happen to her. Personally I dont think that my other grandparents were managed with pain medications in the proper way when they died and I know that wont happen with my Nana.

We visited her today at the Rehab Facility and I was very impressed with the place. Its bright and actually cheerful if you could believe it. When we arrived there was a lady in Nana's room with a huge Blue and Gold Macaw named Calypso putting on a little show for her and my parents. The kids got a kick out of it. The bird started to get a bit shy when we arrived but what do you want with 2 small, LOUD kids? LOL. There is also another cockatiel named Ziggy that jumps on your shoulders as you walk by her cage. Every time my Mom walked by the bird would jump on her arm and took a dump two times! They say its good luck but I didnt want to be pooped on no matter how lucky it is!!

Yesterday I did something I havent done in God knows how long. I mixed up 100gms of henna powder to use in my hair. When my hair was down to my waist it was such a hard thing for me to do and it got very heavy with all the wet hair and henna mud piled on the top of my head for 4-6 hours. Its a lot easier when your hair is barely touching your shoulders and you dont have all that hair to pile on your head. My hair is nice and shiny now and with a slight tint of red that can be seen more in the sunlight. Hopefully I wont have to do it again for a while. I had a lot left over for at least 2 more applications so I froze it.

Tomorrow I am venturing into the land of beads. I am going to BEADFIESTA! Its a one day bead show 45 minutes away from my home. I just placed an order with Fire Mountain Gems but thats not going to stop me from getting a good bargain if I see one. I am hoping to find some unique lampwork beads and also my favorite Austrian Crystals, Swarovski's! I do have a few pictures that I need to post but unfortunately I didnt have a chance to download them to my computer. I also want to wait to take pics of my spoils of war from tomorrows adventure at the BEADFIESTA Muchachos! Ole!
I am also hoping to learn about selling and marketing my jewelry so I can set up my store on Etsy. There are so many possibilities and I want to do the least complicated one so I dont drive myself crazy. There are Flea Markets, School Holiday Boutiques, jewelry parties in the home (which I think is the best one) I am hoping to have enough of an inventory to have a pre-Holiday Jewelry extrravaganza. If I dont get some shut-eye soon I'm not going to be able to do anything tomorrow.
Lights out!


Curly Cable said...

So sorry to hear the news of your nana, and I hope the doctors are doing all they can to help ease her pain and suffering! The Rehab sounds nice and cheery and the birds there sounds like a lot fun, if not a little noisy, no I not sure where the saying bird poop is lucky comes from either! The bead show sounds like fun and I hope you enjoy it! I bet your hair looks fabulous and shiny, henna red is gorgeous! Take Care x

CurlyBrunette said...

Thanks for the good thoughts CC, I appreciate them. I need a whole bunch of birds to poop on me! I need a little bit of luck! LOL