Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ten Years

Its been a while since I posted to my blog with good reason. There have been family issues that have taken up lots of time and causing lots of stress. I haven't been sleeping well and its causing more grey hair to grow on my head! Knitting and crocheting time has almost been nonexistent but I am working on changing that. In order for me to de-stress I need to make time to do some fiber related therapy.

Now we are into the month of October and I am late with my anniversary entry. My husband and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary on September 26th 2008. We also had a wedding to go to the following day which gave us reason to have this picture taken looking so nice. Notice my husband is wearing a tux! LOL I am not sure when thats going to happen again so thats why I made sure to take these pictures.

Jim and I

Jim and me

My husband got me a beautiful Pandora bracelet with charms representing our 2 kids, our anniversary, breast cancer awareness, and a tiny cross. I absolutely love these charms! They are so cute and I cant wait to add more to my bracelet. I bought my husband a watch because thats what he wanted. He's very happy with it and I told him not to be afraid to wear it.

I also got a sewing machine! Its the Audrey by Baby Lock. So far I hemmed a few pairs of jeans for my daughter, made a Thomas the Tank Engine pillowcase for my son and a storage bag for my knitting. I am in the learning phase right now so give it some time before a finished object is photographed on this blog. I figured it would bore you to death to see some hemmed pants here! LOL. My husband is having more fun than I am planning what I am going to make next! There are so many things to make and not enough time in the day.

Hopefully this entry will get me back on the blogging track!

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