Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Trip to the Bronx

After two months of working on this baby polo for a co-worker of my husband, I finally finished it!! The pattern was from Debbie Bliss' Baby Cashmerino 3 and easy to follow. I think if I make this again I would probably try to do it in the round. I absolutely HATE seaming. I do however love the finished product and I hope the mom does also. I had different buttons planned but these caught my eye at JoAnn's and they looked great with the color which is a slate blue.




We took the kids to the Bronx Zoo with my Dad at the beginning of the week. We all had a great time except for my legs and feet which hurt like hell from all the walking. Here we are in the Children's Zoo (where I used to work many years ago) in the Blue Heron exhibit.

Bronx Zoo Trip

Pretending to be Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs

What a great shot of this tiger! Except for the clarity of the picture that is. If the glass window wasn't between us it would have been a much better picture but then again I might have been on his lunch menu that day if that were the case!


I love Polar Bears and when we walked up to the exhibit the Polar Bear was sleeping and just below the rocks. When he started to stretch and chew on a tree branch I started snapping away and this is what I got. I had planned to take my other camera with the telephoto lens but I didn't want to have to lug all that stuff AND the kids stuff on my back. Hindsight is 20-20 and I would have had some awesome shots!

Polar Bear

I could see him thinking, "What's going on over there?"

Polar Bear

My son wanted to ride the Skyfari and we were unable to all go together due to the 4 person limit. My Dad took the 2 kids and my husband and I had 5 minutes of alone time 150 ft in the sky. I was just a tad nervous because a few weeks ago the Skyfari got stuck and the people on it were up in the air for a few hours until it was fixed. That would not have been fun if it happened to us. You can see my Dad and my son in the cab that was in front of ours.


A picture of the Irawaddy River (aka The Bronx River) as we rode the Bengali Express Monorail to Wild Asia

Iravaddy River AKA Bronx River

Bactrian Camels


This is something I am designing for my Aunt to wear to her son's wedding (my cousin) in September. I am calling it "The Keystone Project" because I am using Swarovski Keystone crystals which are absolutely gorgeous, as you can see. The colors here are burgundy crystals with Swarovski Glass Pearls in the same color and Crystal AB clear crystals and Swarovski silver component spacers. I am making a necklace, earrings and bracelet for her. I will post pics of the whole set when I am done with it which should be in a couple of weeks.

Keystone Project

On the weight loss front I am still losing weight, slowly. I am hoping to step it up a notch when school starts later this week. After I drop the kids off at school I am planning to either walk with my friends and/or do my exercises at home that I used to do when I went to physical therapy.

In other news I am finally going to set up an ETSY shop to sell my jewelry and other wares!! I am excited about it and gathering all the information on how to go about doing things the right way. Expect to see me over at ETSY in a few weeks!!

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