Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sad News

When my daughter first started her religious education at our new parish last year she was assigned to a wonderful 19 year old boy named Robbie. He was a wonderful young man, full of life, funny with a great sense of humor and great with the kids. After a few weeks of teaching we found out he was feeling sick and later diagnosed with leukemia. He fought bravely and courageously for almost a year but he lost his battle on Thursday August 14, 2008. When he was going through his treatment during the winter I made him a hat to keep his head warm. I wanted to do something and I thought through my knitting I could make him feel a little better. His parents and sister shouldn't have to be going through this now, no one should lose a child. I cant say how upset I am over this because words cant really describe how I feel. As a cancer survivor it hurts even more because it makes you realize that not everyone, though brave and strong in their fight, survives. It makes me mad, mad as hell, because its not fair and it makes no sense. I am mad that his Mom, Dad and sister have lost their 20 year old son and brother. He wont be there to hug or talk to or just hang out with. I don't want this to happen to any more families. I want a cure for this damn disease. My daughter heard me crying a few minutes ago and got out of bed to see if I was OK and asked me why I was crying. I couldn't tell her just yet. I didn't want her to be up all night upset. I will tell her tomorrow and I know it will upset her.
God Bless you Robbie. I know there is another angel in heaven watching over us tonight.

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Karen said...

I read the sad new on Kate's blog yesterday morning - and I've been feeling so terrible ever since. I too am broken-hearted over their loss and shed many a tear for them over the weekend. I've been yarn shopping with Kate and her mom, and I can tell what a close family they are. I'm so angry that they are going through this.

I know it will be tough news for your daughter to hear as well. I'll keep you both in my thoughts too.