Monday, December 10, 2007

Obsessed with Life

I havent been obsessed with an TV show in a very long time (since LOST aired last) and I think I can say I am officially obsessed with a TV show. I guess I am more enamoured with an actor and surprise, surprise its not Christian Bale. We already know I am in love with him. The actor I am referring to is Damian Lewis of the NBC show LIFE. He is better known for his role in BAND OF BROTHERS. Everyone who knows me knows I have a thing for red headed, blue eyed men so it was just a matter of time before the official obsession began. I even dated a few redheads in college. Who couldnt love this Ginger haired Steve McQueen esque hunk of (meat) man. Excuse my slip of the tongue there but take a look yourself and you tell me I am wrong. Go ahead, I'll be waiting right here.

Would you like a towel for that drool on your chin?
I wonder if he can knit?
Did I mention he's exactly the same age as me?
Hi honey! (me waving to my husband who reads my blog all the time) I stil have a thing for hazel eyed balding men to so dont you worry. LOL

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