Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good News

The gastroenterologist called today with all of my husbands results including the biopsies he took the other day. We knew immediately after the 2 tests that he had a severe bleeding ulcer which caused his drop in hematacrit and hemoglobin. Believe me, I saw the pictures the Dr took and I dont know how my husband wasnt in pain. The ulcer I had a few years ago practically had my doubled over in agony and it wasnt even half the size of his. The Dr said because of the location of the ulcer is what made him unable to feel it.

I am so relieved I can even say. I had horrible thoughts of what it was while he was having the tests done. Thoughts of what I went through when they told me that the 2 tumors in my breast was cancer were stuck in my head. When the Dr came out and told me what was going on I felt so relieved. The last thing this family needs is more medical issues!

After reading my post from yesterday and laughing his ass off, my husband reminded me that he was a redhead when he was a kid. Good thing he has a sense of humor.

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