Saturday, January 31, 2009

The 4th One of the Month

One of my many goals this year is to try to post at least 4 times a month to this blog (or more). Its hard to do that when you don't have anything to talk about that you think is worthy of sharing. Well, lets see, I think I have a couple of things to talk about.

Yesterday, I had an interview for a home care IV infusion therapy per diem nurse position. I was a little nervous about the interview since I haven't been on one since 1997. The office I was headed to was an hour away from here so my husband offered to drive me. He brought along his resume to drop off in the hopes he would be able to get something one day a week or so because they are cutting all his OT at work. When we arrived he gave his resume to the woman doing my interview and she asked us if we wouldn't mind being interviewed together? Wow, I never had an interview with another person before let alone my husband! I thought it was funny and it took a little of the nervousness away making the situation more casual for all of us. To make a long story short, at the end of the interview she told us both that she would love to have us join the team! We were both so excited about not one but 2 part time jobs! We wont be starting until after we return from our vacation at the end of February but that's right around the corner from now. There are lots of paperwork and orientation that comes with a new job but I don't mind.

After leaving the office we went to my favorite local yarn store, Knitting Central.
How else does a yarn addict/knitter celebrate? By buying yarn, thats how! It was either yarn or makeup and my husband wants another Half-Pipe Hat. It certainly was an easy knit and I need some mindless knitting for the long drive to Florida.

In other news my cousin's baby shower is next week so I need to be done with the Baby Kimono I've been working on forever. Its a seamless one and it's a lot of fun to do since there are no seams to close at the end. I am presently working on the sleeves and had to buy another skein of Zara Merino in white because I only had 2. The pattern called for the yardage of 2 skeins but I soon realized the sweater would have either short or 3/4 sleeves if I didn't purchase more yarn.

The first shipment of the BlueMoon Fiber Arts Notorious Sock Knitters (Rockin' Socks Club) for 2009 arrived on my doorstep the other day. It was missing a few items thanks to the 3-4 inch gash in the tyvek envelope. I e-mailed them and they are sending replacements to me ASAP which was very nice of them. The yarn and the pattern is GORGEOUS and I didn't get a pic of it (sorry). Its a Sivia Harding design that incorporated beads into the knitting. I have never done any beaded knitting but I have always done the first pattern from the club so why stop now. It has always introduced something new to my knitting whether it be toe up socks or short row heels and I have always completed it well. I plan on starting them as soon as I finish with the other socks (they are almost done). Beaded knitting is certainly not good for vacation knitting and driving in a car for long periods of time. Could you imagine if I dropped the beads? Oh no, not a good thing.

My Namaste Zuma Bag in the limited edition colorway eggplant finally came in the mail and I am in love with it! Its a lot smaller than my other Namaste Cali collection bag (cant remember the exact name). but it holds a lot of stuff none the less.

My daughter celebrated her 9th birthday this month! I cant believe she was born 9 years ago. Where does all the time go?

That's all the exciting news for January!

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