Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day 2006

My husband had to work a long shift today because it was his weekend to work so my Mom came up to help me out with the kids. My Dad had taken my Grandmother down to the shore for her to spend time with my Great Aunts. They are all in their 80's and get along quite well together especially when they break out the cards to play poker with all the lose change they have in their purses. Its quite fun to watch them get so competative with one another! LOL.
The kids and I decided to be original and make some home made cards for DH and my Dad. They came out adorable and he loved them. My Mom still has to give my Dad his shirt that I bought him for Father's Day but she is going to be here a few days so who knows when she will see him again.
I actually got to use one of DH's fathers day gifts today even before he did. My Mom and Dad bought him a THERMOS Grill to GO and its like a huge George Forman grill with legs but it uses propane to cook. I made Honey Mustard Chicken with veggie kabobs and they came out great too. The problem with me today was that everything annoyed the hell out of me due to the pain I was in and that it was very hot outside which didnt make it any better. I am so tired right now that I cant focus to type the right letters and keep going back to fix it. Maybe I can do this better when I am caught up on my sleep? Sorry for such a short post but I have to get some shut eye if thats possible because sometimes when I am overtired I cant get to sleep and then get up all hours of the night and surf the web or watch TV, my other vice.

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