Monday, April 07, 2008


I finally finished my Rockin' Sock Club Kit from January. Here they are in all their Dragon Dance glory:

Specs: January's Rockin' Sock Club Kit, Color: Dragon Dance, Pattern: Serendipity, Needles: Addi Lace Size 1 (2.50mm) 47", Two at a time on one circular.

The only complaint I have about these socks is that I should have made the heels a little wider and not made them so narrow. I dont have pointy heels and I havent met many people who do so I am not sure who this pattern was made for. They do fit well so its not a big complaint. I also wish that I would get less pooling and more striping. When I look at others finished socks I see beautiful striping and all mine has is pooling. Pooling can be pretty too so again its not a major complaint.

Today I frogged the second Presto Chango I was making for a friend of my husbands who had a baby last fall. I wasnt liking the yarn (Cotton Ease by Lion Brand) and how it was coming out in the pattern. I have a million baby patterns and I have to get going on choosing something else to make her. I think I am going to go with something easy like a hat or booties because my list of stuff to make for other babies is way to long.

I received the Yarn Harlot's new book in the mail this weekend from WEBS. I cant believe how fast they delivered it! I called to reserve a copy for the event that they are having with her up there to sign books at the end of the month. I thought I would pick it up then but they mailed it to me instead. Those WEBS people sure are nice. That makes me want to buy more yarn from them! LOL

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