Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear?

Houston, we have FUZZ! My head has a 5 O'clock shadow and I can see my hair line for the 1st time since March. I am excited over this! I am beginning to use my Morrocco Method Products to help get the growth going a bit faster. If it does what it should and works I'll buy more. I am going to use up what I have first and see what happens because it is expensive.

I am still not feeling well from last weeks Taxotere infusion and my left eye is still twitching. Hopefully it will calm down and stop driving me crazy. My stomach is also acting weird. I need to write all this stuff down so when I see the oncologist next week I can tell him.

Tomorrow my husband and I have our 2nd counciling session with the therapist. I dont want to cry as much as I did the last time we went but I have a feeling I will.


Dawn Taylor said...

So you have hair too? Mine never fell out completely with the TC (about 98% did though), and then after the third treatment, I noticed it's started growing. I'm a fuzzy wuzzy bear too! Do you think we'll be lucky enough to keep it or will it fall out?

CurlyBrunette said...

I think we will keep it. The nurses said it wont fall out so I trust them. I use a special hair growth oil and I think its working. Its a combination of different essential oils that promote hair growth that a friend makes for me.